A healthy old dog thanks to natural products

Your old dog will live his last years with peace of mind if you know how to take care of his health. Herbal medicine and natural remedies are ideal solutions for this. You will find products for the care of elderly animals at Labo Demeter.

Canivida : acts on general problems related to age, senescence, muscle wasting, loss of tone, etc.

Canivida vieux chien

Le Canisil : agit sur les problèmes d'arthrose, et sur tous les problèmes de l'appareil locomoteur.

Canisil : acts on osteoarthritis problems, and on all musculoskeletal problems.

Canisil pour l'arthrose du vieux chien

Why Use Natural Products For Your Old Dog?

An old dog will already have their organs weakened by the weight of the years. However, in case of illness, whether serious or not, it will be necessary to administer medication to treat and cure it. However, the stomach, liver and kidneys of an old animal are very likely to no longer tolerate chemicals or harsh substances. Giving it products containing chemicals could, instead of saving it, accelerate its decline.

Herbal medicine and natural remedies are then the easiest solution to treat your old companion. Medicines made with natural ingredients and active ingredients will be less aggressive and have no noticeable side effects. Whether it is food supplements, antiallergics, painkillers or anti-inflammatories, they are for the majority, very well tolerated by the organisms of old animals. However, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a qualified therapist before administering any medicinal product to your elderly dog.

Dogs and old age

It's well known. Dogs age faster than humans. While "mastiffs" reach their third age at 7 years old, small breeds do not enter the circle of elders until they are 10 years old. As with all living things, older dogs can be more susceptible to illnesses, such as bowel problems, locomotor difficulties associated with osteoarthritis, progressive loss of hearing and sight, and anxiety.

Age sometimes leads to behavioral changes that worsen over time. The old dog loses in motor skills (he runs less quickly). He gives the impression of being lost in an environment which is nevertheless very familiar to him. He becomes incontinent and may behave aggressively, especially when in possible pain. He avoids caresses and refuses the treatments he enjoyed before.

It is important to identify these signs in order to understand the changes in your companion's attitude, and therefore to better support him in this delicate period of his life.

Relieve your dog's signs of aging

To help an elderly dog ​​cope with the difficulties associated with age, it is necessary to organize his living space and adapt his activities. For example, we will avoid long walks, and we will favor accessible trails (flat terrain). For its comfort, place it in a quiet and warm place at night. If it's having trouble getting in or out of the car or stairs, don't hesitate to wear it.

At Labo Demeter, you will find natural care products to relieve the ailments of an old dog. Among them two products act in synergy : Canisil and Canivida. To help him get to sleep, to regulate his bladder or to relieve his joint pain, we offer a solution to every problem. To delay the manifestations of old age as much as possible, nothing prevents you from opting for our anti-aging treatment.





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