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Anti-stress for horses

During their life, horses are inevitably subjected to situations that can make them anxious or distressed. These states of stress can be caused, for example, by training, weaning or transporting the animal. Fortunately, today there are various means to relieve the horse of its nervousness.

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Effective natural products prepared and tested by us

At Labo Demeter, we offer a veterinary solution designed from plants and other natural elements to calm your horse when it is subjected to different situations that can increase its anxiety. We manufacture and test all our products in our laboratory located in Spain to ensure their effectiveness. In order to increase the palatability of our anti-stress products for horses, which come in the form of food supplements, we use pleasant aromas that your horses will certainly appreciate.

Give your pet the benefits of herbal medicine!

Phytotherapy is at the center of our activity at Labo Demeter. Through the distribution of our medicines, we highlight the contributions of plants for the treatment of many conditions that can affect the well-being of these animals. Thanks to our anti-stress solutions for horses, you will be able, for example, to treat your equines without subjecting them to the harmful side effects that often accompany the use of pharmaceutical products composed of various chemical elements. With us, you can access a preparation based on linden, valerian, passion flower or even St. John's wort. We choose, for the manufacture of our anti-stress product for horses, only natural ingredients which have proven themselves throughout history as elements that can effectively act on the mental health of horses, help them find sleep and soothe them. in stressful situations.

Our tranquilizer for horses, against the state of stress

Use a natural horse tranquilizer to calm the tensions felt by your animal. Labo Demeter provides you with a natural product that acts against stress to promote relaxation in horses and prevent associated health problems.

A natural product with calming effects

Faced with stressful situations, your horse may have aggressive reactions. These are not only dangerous for his health, but also for the people around him. Our tranquilizing treatment for horses helps to calm this state of stress to keep your animal soothed. Labo Demeter provides you with a product that will initiate a state of relaxation in the animal. This supplement has been developed to help you better manage your horse's fears and anxieties.

A homeopathic treatment against the state of stress

Our phytotherapeutic solution highlights the advantages of a treatment against the stress of the horse by homeopathy. The product available in store effectively reduces the constant state of alert, which is a natural trait of the horse. This treatment will effectively prevent health problems or a lack of performance related to a state of tension.


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Natural complementary food for horse stress Phytotherapeutic food supplement intended to manage in the horse the manifestations of nervousness, fear during training, transport, weaning ... Its composition combining...
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