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harpagophytum horse

Let your horse benefit from this plant with analgesic properties!

Studied for several years by various players in medicine, Harpagophytum is one of the plants that we use to benefit the health of your horse. Equines, like many families of mammals, are prone to joint problems associated with aging. Osteoarthritis is one such condition that often affects our pets. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this type of nuisance. Over the years, on the other hand, we have discovered and made use of different means to relieve these farm animals of these joint discomforts. For example, on our site you can find medicinal products made from Harpagophytum for your horse. Professionals in the veterinary world appreciate the preparations made from this plant, because it has undeniable benefits for the health of our animals without aggressive side effects. On the side of Labo Demeter, this plant is used as an analgesic and an antirheumatic drug.

Come and enjoy our various herbal products!

The Labo Demeter develops and tests multiple products for the health of equines, in particular preparations based on Harpagophytum. By treating your horse with these medicinal compositions, you allow him to avoid a treatment that can cause side effects that are harmful to his well-being. As players in phytotherapy on the European market, we put our knowledge and skills at the service of research and development of innovative products in the field of alternative medicine. It is with this in mind that we offer you our products prepared from this plant of the Pedaliaceae family. To discover them, connect to our online store where you can take advantage of our various advantages!

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Natural food supplement for joint problems and anti-inflammatory for horses Natural product, effective for the maintenance, the shaping, the restoration of the locomotor functions, the treatment of osteoarthritis of...
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