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Itching in cats should be taken seriously regardless of the cause. If the fleas are not to blame, it is recommended that you take your pet to the vet. He will prescribe the appropriate medication according to the sources of the itching. However, you can also opt for herbal medicine from a qualified specialist such as Labo Demeter.

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Why not ignore your cat's itchiness?

Itching in cats may not be solely the fault of fleas and parasites that inhabit their coats. They can also be caused by different conditions or external factors. The untimely scratching which allows him to relieve these inconveniences can however worsen his condition.

This is because itching can cause pustules or pimples to appear, or vice versa. The scratching can then irritate the skin, causing small sores that can ooze or bleed. The flesh can be raw and the hairs can fall out. Wounds are also open doors to infections.

Considering the complications of itching, it is essential not to neglect your cat if you see that he is scratching a little too often, even after you have cleared him of the parasites on his skin and internal parasites, especially the ones. towards.

The main causes of itching in cats

In order to find the appropriate remedy, it is important to determine the causes of your cat's itching. Fleas, ticks and scabies are often the primary culprits in pets. These parasites can cause serious allergies. These are also caused by food, irritants, dust mites or pollens.

Cat itching can also be caused by pyoderma: it is a skin infection that results from an allergy, parasite bites, skin irritations or hormonal problems. When under stress or hypersensitivity, pets may have frenzied itchy attacks. Repeated scratching can cause even more serious effects.

Cat itching: what treatments?

In the event of an itching caused by intestinal parasites, it is sufficient to regularly give your cat an effective dewormer adapted to his age. Kitaverm is a natural phytotherapic dewormer for dogs and cats. On the other hand, if it is an allergic itch, it is recommended to use Labodem Piel, a detoxifying and a natural desensitizer to effectively fight against eczema, allergic dermatoses, itching, hair loss and digestive problems.

Labo Demeter offers natural solutions to treat your animals without harming their organism. The effectiveness of these products, used in veterinary settings for several years, is no longer to be proven. Labodem Piel, a complex of Haarlem oil, probiotic flora and artichoke extracts, is used to relieve your cat's itching. Discover a wide range of natural products in accordance with ecological ethics to care for your pets. Please feel free to place your order online. An experienced veterinarian answers all of your questions online and is available to give you helpful advice.

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