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Horse emphysema is a lung disease that often affects animals that do not leave the stable often. It can be treated and cured with natural medicines. If you are looking for natural remedies to treat your pet, you can confidently turn to Labo Demeter.

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Herbal medicine to treat emphysema in horses

If herbal medicine is effective in treating diseases in humans, it is no less effective in treating certain ailments of our animal friends. It sometimes even gives better results than chemical drugs, and without the side effects of the latter.

Horse emphysema is a disease of the respiratory tract. It mainly affects the animal's lungs and bronchial tubes and can cause serious breathing problems as the airways are blocked. It is also called ORVA (recurrent airway obstruction). This condition appears mainly in adult horses.

If prevention remains the best solution to limit the damage, phytotherapy for animals nowadays offers reliable and easy-to-use treatments for proven cases. However, it is recommended that you do not administer any medication to your horse without medical advice, even if they are natural products.

Signs of pulmonary emphysema

While we do not yet know exactly the agents responsible for emphysema in horses, we do know that it is the consequence of an allergic reaction due to dust and mold inhaled by the animal. The arrival of dust in the horse's lung causes inflammation affecting its respiratory tract. The animal will then have dyspnea (breathing difficulties), which may or may not lead to the production of mucus.

Cough is the first symptom of the disease. And it appears mostly during exercise. But it can occur while at rest when the condition worsens. A nasal discharge with mucus indicates that the emphysema has set in. As the disease progresses, the animal also has to strain to breathe. In the advanced stage of the disease, a crackling sound is heard as you approach the animal's rib cage.

Emphysema in horses is a crippling disease. If your pet suffers from it, offer him an appropriate treatment to relieve and treat his pathology.

Relieve emphysema with herbal medicine

Horse emphysema, when it reaches an advanced stage, can no longer be treated. The disease becomes chronic, and the horse will always have difficulty breathing. It is therefore ideal to detect the first signs of the condition. If your pet coughs and you notice that after exertion, it takes a little longer to catch his breath, he may be suffering from emphysema. The first treatments must be accompanied by a change in the environmental conditions of the animal.

Labo Demeter has developed natural treatments to relieve coughs and pulmonary allergies in your horse. Our herbal medicine products are effective in alleviating respiratory crises, allowing you to provide your horse with a better quality of life.

Our veterinary surgeon is at your disposal to answer your questions and to guide you towards the best care adapted to your animal.



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