Cat rheumatism : bet on natural products

Alleviating the worries of your cat's rheumatism is essential in helping them cope better with their disease. Various products of natural origin will allow you to do this. You will find various 100% natural remedies for treating and curing pets are available from Labo Demeter.

cat rheumatism natural product
Canisil pour les rhumatismes du chat

Prevent and cure rheumatism in cats

Rheumatism in cats is, like in humans, a progressive disease that does not show symptoms until it is more or less serious. In the majority of cases, cats nearly 10 years old are affected by this joint condition.

As unpleasant as it is painful, rheumatism can very well be treated, but it is essential to take care of it as soon as possible in order to limit the consequences. Administering anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain and help him do some exercise are most of the treatments recommended by animal health specialists.

However, it is best to prevent the disease or delay its symptoms by getting enough exercise on the one hand, and taking care of its diet on the other. If you want to avoid giving him chemical drugs, you can go for herbal medicine which also gives good results without side effects.

Recognize the symptoms of rheumatism in cats

The signs of rheumatism in a cat are not always obvious to detect as the pain can be insidious and go completely unnoticed. To know if your cat suffers from rheumatism, you will first have to pay attention to changes in his behavior, especially in cats over 10 years old.

Generally speaking, if he changes his habits and seems a lot less active, you should be suspicious of him. You can also watch for any signs of irritation that may be hiding pain. For example, it will be suspicious to see a cat become aggressive following a touch that it has enjoyed before or a cat that will seek to isolate itself when it was more used to coming towards you for hugs.

A cat who is embarrassed by joint pain will also have a harder time maintaining its coat; this can thus become less silky and much less brilliant.

Finally, look at the level of the hind limbs if you do not notice any weight loss, because rheumatism will usually cause your cat's muscles to lose weight.

Treat rheumatism in cats with natural products

To avoid any risk of side effects, Labo Demeter offers herbal treatments to treat your cat against rheumatism with natural products. You should know that with age, the silicon level inexorably decreases, causing pain in the joints as well as a loss of flexibility in your cat's arteries. The expertise of Labo Demeter has thus made it possible to develop Vetosil, a nutritional supplement making it possible to fill silicon deficiencies. Also use Vetosil at the first signs of old age in your cat to slow down the effects of any bone and joint problems.

vetosil silicium rhumatisme chat
Vétosil pour chat

Canisil silicon rheumatism cat

Canisil pour chat



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