What treatment for a horse's cough?

Choosing a treatment for your horse's cough is an operation to be carried out with care. If you want to try natural products, at Labo Demeter you will find a remedy made only with natural ingredients that will allow you to effectively treat your horse's cough.

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Herbal medicine to treat horse cough

Cough is one of the most common respiratory tract ailments in equines. Cough, however, is often just a symptom very often linked to other illnesses such as allergies, infections of the bronchi or lungs and other diseases of the respiratory system. It is essential to know the causes of a cough before giving your pet anything to treat it. The use of a veterinarian is therefore recommended in case of cough, severe or not.

He can prescribe an appropriate treatment, in particular remedies to calm the cough, but also antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs if necessary. These drugs are now available in natural versions from qualified naturopathic practitioners. Opting for herbal medicine as a treatment for horse cough has big advantages: the drugs are as effective as those from chemical laboratories and have no contraindications or noticeable side effects.

Different possible causes of horse cough and what to do about it

The causes of horse cough are multiple, they can come from:

- dust from litter;

- poor ventilation of the stalls for fear of a cold snap when horses naturally have the ability to resist the cold. It's not the low temperatures that make him cough, but the ammonia fumes from the urine or the stale air from lack of ventilation.

- air pollution. Beware of morning mists which concentrate toxic particles.

- viruses and overcrowding in stables or sporting meetings which promote the transmission of affection from one horse to others.

Before talking about care for horse cough, we will therefore have to rethink the animal's living conditions, otherwise the treatments will be useless. This will require less dusty litter (recovery of chipped wood or wood chips, synthetic litter, etc.), sufficiently spacious and ventilated boxes and good general hygiene.

You should absolutely avoid trying to stop the cough if the infection has not been taken care of, as this will increase the congestion of the bronchi which will no longer be expelled by the cough. Likewise, antibiotics should only be used after certain of their usefulness.

Natural horse cough care

Since treatments recommended by conventional medicine often have unwanted side effects, whenever possible, it is always preferable to use natural medicine. In the case of horse cough, there are natural treatments that can treat both acute and chronic coughs.

Among them, Equitos is a gel syrup developed by Labo Demeter which has already proven its worth on pulmonary emphysema, acute viral coughs and infectious complications of chronic coughs.

Combining the benefits of organic silicon, grapefruit seeds (extract), sundew, pine and eucalyptus, it can be administered without any interaction with any other treatment.



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