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Cat dewormer should be recommended by a veterinarian. However, today you have the choice between natural dewormers and dewormers designed by pharmaceutical companies for animals. If you opt for the former, you will find a particularly effective one at Labo Demeter.

natural dewormer for cats
Kitaverm natural dewormer for cat

Why choose a natural dewormer for your cat?

Many animals that live in the wild know how to heal themselves with what they find in their environment. Guided by their instinct, they know how to choose specific plants, or specific parts of plants including bark, roots, leaves, flowers or even sap, to get rid of their intestinal parasites.

Giving your cat a natural dewormer is therefore an idea that is not without interest since this type of product is as effective as those produced by veterinary laboratories. In addition, their side effects are less and they are therefore very well tolerated by animals.

However, it is still recommended to contact a veterinarian or a qualified therapist to determine the type of products suitable for your animal, and especially the dosage. The latter, as well as the duration of administration, will in fact be determined according to the degree of infestation.

The right times to administer dewormer to your cat

Administering a dewormer is an essential part of keeping your cat healthy. This is because this is an important precaution as the infested cat can in turn infect your family members.

In addition, for the cat dewormer to effectively protect your pet, it is necessary to carry out regular deworming. As the kitten is still particularly fragile and exposed to infestations, it should be dewormed every two weeks until its three months before reducing the frequency to once a month until your kitten's 6th month.

In addition, pregnant females must also be pregnant, as the infestation can be transmitted to kittens even before they are born. As for the adult cat, it should be dewormed at least twice a year, or even every three months for older cats who are starting to weaken. The timing of giving dewormer to your cat may also depend on your pet's lifestyle. For example, a cat who stays outdoors for a long time is more likely to come into contact with larvae and parasites.

Kitaverm, the natural dewormer for your cat

Developed by Labo Demeter, Kitaverm is a dewormer based on plant extracts recognized for their antiseptic and deworming properties like pyrethrum, pumpkin seeds, thyme, mugwort and pomegranate bark. It will then help the cat to fight against flat and round worms to ensure optimal protection.

Moreover, the use of a natural dewormer for cats eliminates the risk of allergies. Indeed, medicinal solutions can cause unwanted effects on your animal due to an intolerance to certain molecules. As a dietary supplement, Kitaverm also has the advantage of being very easy to administer.

natural dewormer for cats

natural dewormer for cat



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