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Medicines and veterinary products for dogs

Dogs, like any other animal, can be subject to multiple diseases that affect their daily well-being. Labo Demeter provides you with a large selection of dog medicines made from natural organic elements with many benefits.

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A veterinary solution adapted to your animal

Stress and anxiety, intestinal and digestive problems, dog disorders related to age, hair, dermis and joints, are some of the annoyances commonly encountered in canines. To quickly overcome these various concerns, it is essential to direct you to effective veterinary drugs for dogs that are perfectly suited to their physical constitution. It is mainly for this reason that we offer you natural products, thus promoting the well-being of your animal, whatever its breed or age.

Medicines for dogs without side effects

Did you know ? In animals, and therefore in dogs, many ailments can be caused by an overly fragile immune system. This is why it is important to stimulate it in order to help it fight against the various bacterial attacks that can affect your dog. Labo Demeter presents a wide selection of veterinary products for dogs essentially developed from natural components. Opting for this solution means saying goodbye to the harmful side effects that weaken your loyal companion! And it is our customers who say it! We are committed to promoting the benefits of probiotic flora, plants and even organic silicon. Good to know: all of our food supplements have a high level of palatability and can be combined with a multitude of foods!

A natural composition for the well-being of your dog

Our team chooses plants with remarkable therapeutic properties for the preparation of our dog medicines. It then combines them with other elements such as omega 3, silicon, revivable bacteria, magnesium carbonate and sulfate, calcium carbonate or even essential oils. We can then offer you a large choice of solutions adapted to your dog's pathology. For any advice or questions, do not hesitate to contact our veterinarians who remain at your disposal to guide you to the best veterinary products for dogs!


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For Dogs and Cats Adjuvant in osteoarthritis, joint pain, problems of old age, fractures and the growth of large breeds, beneficial to the arteries and the skin for dog and cat. The strength of pure organic silicium,...
(10 reviews)
For dogs and cats Endostim is a natural stimulant and immunoregulator for dogs and cats. Endostim helps the animal's natural defenses and regulates all the processes where the immune system is disrupted: chronic...
(8 reviews)
For Dogs and Cats Gel ointment for painful joints, more effective on mastitis as an adjuvant treatment, its formula combines organic silicon with marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera and seaweed extracts in a...
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