Vetosil - Joint, Growth Dog and Cat

For Dogs and Cats

Adjuvant in osteoarthritis, joint pain, problems of old age, fractures and the growth of large breeds, beneficial to the arteries and the skin for dog and cat.

The strength of pure organic silicium, the most concentrated solution on the market (7 per 1000) for better efficiency.

Dosage : 1 teaspoon for 20kg per day

Duration of treatment : 1 month

500ml bottle : € 25.00

Made in France
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Silicon is the second element of the mineral world, and many biological macromolecules contain atoms of Si as glucosaminoglycans that make up the articular cartilage, the tissue skin collagen or elastin of the arteries.
This very important structural element is yet unknown, while there are as many as the Iron in the mammalian body and it is involved in many metabolic processes: many scientific studies have yet demonstrated interest in health (documentation and bibliography on request or on our website)
It is practically not absorbed by the body in its mineral state, its rate decreases with age and modern methods of feeding resulted in a decrease of the content of foods.
Only organic compounds of silicon, the Silanols have the property to be fully assimilated.
They make it possible, as food supplements very important effects on bone and joint problems of growth or senescence or prevention thereof, including problems of growth of large breed puppies or when fears dysplasia or osteochondrosis problems. They are also effective in some external applications for seborrheic dermatitis.


1 teaspoon per day per 20 kg in courses of 3 to 4 weeks at least, diluted in water or food, these doses can be doubled without inconvenience in early treatment if significant deficiency.
Our silicon has a bitter taste due to its concentration (the largest market) disappears after dilution in 3 times its volume of water or adding a little sugar.
Externally: Pure Lotion or buffing pads.

Can be combined with Canisil from Labo Demeter for best results and Siladog for external use.


Twice a week throughout the year or in 45 days cures twice a year


  • Methylsilanetriol
  • Excipiente csp 1 


Protected from light and frost, do not use metal spoons.


500 ml bottles for the treatment of an animal of 20 kg for 100 days.


Organic silicon treatment for osteoarthritis and joint pain in cats and dogs

Osteoarthritis and joint pain are particularly present in cats and dogs. What are the symptoms ? And above all, how to treat them? Here are some answers.

Osteoarthritis in cats and dogs

Joint pain in cats and dogs is caused by degeneration of the cartilage in the joint. In some cases, abnormal production of bone tissue also leads to inflammation, and therefore joint pain.

Usually, osteoarthritis affects cats or dogs in old age due to wear and tear on the joints. However, certain breeds are more susceptible to it, as well as certain diseases (notably hip dysplasia).

So all cats or dogs, whether young or old, can experience this suffering.

Osteoarthritis in cats

In felines, joint pain can occur for a multitude of reasons: cat growth, fracture and of course osteoarthritis. This is characterized by a degradation of the joints of the cat. Pain then appears in the hips, elbows and knees.

However, these pains are difficult to diagnose in felines, which show little sensation, in addition to being resistant to pain.

However, there are several clues that can put you on the right path. First, a change in the behavior of your animal which will be less and less active. Then, its positioning can also indicate the presence of pain. This is because if your cat has osteoarthritis, he will tend to rely less on his aching limbs. And of course, if you find him limping or losing agility, his joints are likely to be sore. 

Osteoarthritis in dogs

Osteoarthritis affects about 20% of dogs. And these joint pains affect all dogs, regardless of their age. However, some breeds are more sensitive to it. This is particularly the case of the German Shepherd, the Rottweiler or the Labrador. In addition, the growth of dogs also promotes the development of pain in the joints.

As with the cat, the diagnosis will be difficult to establish. Nevertheless, canines are much more expressive. So if you notice any changes in behavior, joint pain may be to blame. For example, if : 

  • he runs less than before
  • he plays less than before
  • he has trouble climbing the stairs.

Prevention and care of joint pain in cats and dogs


To prevent joint pain in dogs or cats, provide them with Chondroitin and Glucosamine on a regular basis.

This is because they keep your pet's joint system healthy, so that he is in good shape, even in his old age. 

Treatments to treat joint pain

If your pet already has osteoarthritis, it is difficult to provide complete recovery. However, there are some solutions that can relieve the pain. This is particularly the case with food supplements.

In addition, several alternatives exist to keep your pet active :

  • Hydrotherapy : thanks to the water, your pet will be able to regain greater freedom of movement.
  • Ultrasound : these make it possible to limit stiffness.
  • Electrostimulation : this involves re-muscle the animal.
  • Massages and stretching to relax muscles
  • Functional rehabilitation : the objective is then to help the animal regain its mobility and relieve its pain.

Vetosil, the food supplement to relieve joint pain in cats and dogs

Vetosil is a food supplement intended to relieve joint pain in dogs and cats. Thus, this treatment is prescribed when your pet suffers from old age problems, fractures, osteoarthritis or painful growth. In addition to providing care for cats and dogs, Vetosil also benefits arteries and skin.


  • Methylsilanetriol
  • Excipiente csp 1 


Protected from light and frost, do not use metal spoons.


500 ml bottles for the treatment of an animal of 20 kg for 100 days.

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    Meilleure tonicite

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    très bon produit surtout chez les vieux chiens mais aussi intéressants chez les jeunes chiots durant leur croissance

  • 5

    Très bon produit

  • 5

    Très satisfait sur mon chien de plus de 7 ans, en cure 2 fois par an

  • 5

    Très bon produit également

  • 4

    pour le moment je n’ai pas encore d'avis à donner

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    Redonne de la vigueur

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    Recommandé par mon osteopathe canin, à voir sur le temps, mais déjà pas de problème pour que les chiens le prennent

  • 5

    super pour les tissus

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