Labodem Piel - Skin, Hair, Digestion Dog & Cat

For Dogs and Cats


Natural detoxifier, desensitizer.

Eczema, allergic dermatosis, itching, hair loss and digestive problems in dogs and cats.

The effectiveness of a traditional product, Haarlem oil providing Sulfur and Magnesium, "boosted" by probiotic flora and artichoke extracts. Natural desensitizer and detoxifier.

Cat : 1 tablet per day

Dog : 1 tablet per 10kg per day

Duration of treatment: 1 month

Box of 60 tablets: 17 €

Made in France
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Detoxifier, natural draining, desensitizing general, especially in chronic allergic dermatoses, alone or as adjuvant therapy or prevention.

Fall of hair, brittle and deformed nails. Diarrhea, constipation and digestion

Can be combined with Siladog locally and with Endostim from Labo Demeter if necessary.


  • Magnesium sulfate
  • Revivable brewer's yeast
  • Microcrystalline cellulose powder
  • Magnesium Sulfate Powder 
  • Artichoke powder
  • Silice
  • Tricalcium phosphate anhydrous (food)


Sulfur is an essential trace element.It is a component of many tissues (hair, nails, skin) and in many enzymatic metabolic processes. He has great importance in the liver sulfation mechanisms that can neutralize toxins and organic wastes. It has thereby desensitizing a role, thereby improving many allergic phenomena

Magnésium is also an essential trace element in many metabolic processes. It intervenes in the immune process.

The artichok extracts on the liver and kidneys by accelerating the elimination of toxins.

Probiotic flora, allows the recovery of the intestinal symbiotic flora, thereby neutralizing the toxin production and improving the assimilation of essential nutrients.


1 tablets per day for a catfor 3 to 6 weeks

1 tablets per day per 10kg for a dog, for 3 to 6 weeks

Labodem Piel, the detoxifying, desensitizing

Labodem Piel is a natural detoxifier, desensitizer. It is used to treat eczema, allergic skin diseases, itching, hair loss and digestive problems, in both dogs and cats.

What is Labodem Piel?

As a natural detoxifier and desensitizer, Labodem Piel treats a multitude of dog and cat coat-related disorders, such as eczema, allergic skin conditions, itching, hair loss and digestive problems.

To produce all of these effects, Labodem Piel is composed of several natural products such as Haarlem oil (for the benefits of sulfur and magnesium), probiotic flora and artichoke extracts.

Concretely, sulfur neutralizes toxins and organic waste. And for good reason, it is present in the composition of several tissues (hair, nails, skin) and enzymatic metabolic processes. It also acts at the hepatic level in the mechanisms of sulfoconjugation. All of its properties allow it to provide a desensitizing role, thus improving many allergic phenomena.

For its part, magnesium is involved in immune processes.

Artichoke extracts eliminate toxins in the liver and kidneys.

Finally, the probiotic flora promotes the reestablishment of the intestinal symbiotic flora in the event of a disorder. To this end, it neutralizes the production of toxins for better assimilation of essential nutrients.

Why use Labodem Piel?

Prevention and treatment

Labodem Piel can be used for prevention (especially if your cat or dog is prone to allergies). In addition, it can also be used in the event of hair loss, brittle or deformed nails, chronic diarrhea and constipation.

Treating or preventing different disorders through detoxification allows your pets to be healthier in the long term. And for good reason, a detox cure drains the main organs.

Thanks to Labodem Piel, your pet's body recovers more easily. This limits the onset of other disorders that could occur and make his condition worse, including urinary tract infections.

Detoxification can be done at any time. If your pet is showing symptoms, it is essential to prevent the situation from getting worse. But even without symptoms, it is quite possible to do a detox treatment on a regular basis, especially in spring when the sun appears.


Just like humans, pets breathe the same air as us and eat processed foods. And those who live in the countryside also tend to eat whatever comes their way.

In doing so, cats and dogs, wherever they live, are predisposed to build up toxins in their bodies. So to keep them in good health as long as possible, it is better to provide them with a detoxifying cure with Labodem Piel. 


The toxins that develop in the body can cause a multitude of symptoms such as eczema, allergic skin conditions, itching, hair loss and digestive problems.

For the well-being of your animal, it is therefore essential to get rid of these inconveniences. 


Swallowing toxins, if left untreated, can weaken your cat's or dog's immune system. Over time, these organs stop functioning properly, causing irreparable damage. 

Natural detoxifier for cats

Cats are particularly prone to urinary tract infections and other allergic disorders. As such, it is essential to take care of their body through a detoxifying treatment.

At the rate of one tablet a day, you are helping your cat to be healthy and eliminate toxins.

Also, get your cat to drink more to detoxify these kidneys. To do this, do not hesitate to position several bowls of water around the house. 

Natural detoxifier for dogs

The Labodem Piel desensitizing treatment actually depends on the build of your dog. In principle, it is advisable to administer 1 tablet for every 10 kg per day, for 1 month, until the toxins have completely disappeared.

Here again, kidney drainage can perfectly complement treatment with Labodem Piel. For this, your dog must drink more. Unlike the cat, it will be more about making the water attractive by introducing a little broth.


Nutritional supplement


Box of 60 tablets. Keep dry and cool.

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  • 5

    Beau poils et aucune démangeaison pour mon berger australien

  • 3

    Bon ressenti

  • 5


  • 5

    excellent produit

  • 4

    Mon chat a tenu plus longtemps sans allergie mais au bois de 2 mois ça commence malgré tout

  • 4

    Pour mon chat de 10ans qui a des léchages compulsifs et d'épilation ses poils recommence à pousser et est brillant je continuerai le traitement car c'est positif

  • 4

    Je n'ai pas assez de recul pour évaluer les bienfaits complets

  • 5

    TB contact et livraison rapide. Produit tb accepté par le chien

  • 4

    Efficace, cure à poursuivre un second mois

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