Canisil - Joints, arthritis dogs and cats

Joints, osteoarthritis and joint pain in Dogs & Cats 

Natural anti-inflammatory and recovery of the musculoskeletal system.

Osteoarthritis treatment for dog and cat joints.

The benefits of Silicium on articular cartilages and skin, associated with herbal medicine (Harpagophytum and Perna Canaliculus) and probiotics.

Cat : 1 tablet per day
Dog : 1 tablet per 10kg per day

Duration of treatment : 1 month

Box of 60 tablets : € 21.50
Box of 200 tablets : € 55.00

Box of 1000 tablets : € 250.00

Made in France
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Contribution to the protection and restoration of joint integrity in arthritis, in chronic pain or acute conditions in dogs and cats, and the prevention of these disorders (senescence, growth, surgery, traumatology)

Can be combined with Canivida for best results on older cats and dogs.

Hair loss, brittle or deformed nails. Chronic diarrhea and constipation.


  • Harpagofytum
  • Revivable Probiotic Flora
  • Perna Canaliculus
  • Organic Silicon
  • Excipients: QSP 

Palatable tablets

Osteoarthritis, a disease that is sometimes difficult to detect in animals

Natural anti-inflammatories for cats and dogs are essential items to have if you have pets! Like humans, these animals can regularly experience joint pain. These can be caused by different traumas or as a result of surgery. In most cases, the pain is chronic and therefore directly related to osteoarthritis. This degenerative and progressive disease can become irreversible if it is not treated promptly. It affects the majority of "old" animals, around ten years old, and is often difficult to diagnose in small cats.

If dogs tend to report their pain by limping and / or crying (via repeated small barks), the need for treatment of osteoarthritis in cats is more complicated to detect since it does not always manifest its ailments. As an owner, you may notice slower-than-normal movements and a lack of appetite, which are potential warning signs of osteoarthritis.

A natural and effective treatment for the joints of cats and dogs

If your pet suffers from osteoarthritis, you must relieve it in order to promote its well-being on a daily basis. Labo Demeter advises you to administer Canisil, a natural anti-inflammatory solution for dogs and cats based on plants. The benefits of this remedy are numerous and approved by our many customers. We invite you to consult the Testimonials online to discover their valuable opinions. Our laboratory has specialized in herbal medicine for cats and dogs for several years. We are committed to protecting your hairballs from the various ailments they may face during their lifetime! For any questions, our experienced veterinarians are at your disposal from our dedicated Veto Advice section.


Cat : 1/2 tablet to 1 tablet per day.

Dog : 1 tablet per 10kg per day (for example for 25kg it is necessary to give 3 tablets).

Duration of treatment: 30 to 45 days

Oral, the intake is generally spontaneous due to the appetite. In addition to the usual ration, directly or in the diet.

The dose can be doubled a few days before a scheduled effort, as well as in the days that follow (hunting, competition, hiking, etc.)

This product can be administered with any allopathic or homeopathic treatment, without interaction of any kind, and regardless of the associated pathologies (cardiac, renal, hepatic failure, diabetes, etc.).

Can be combined with Vetosil in severe cases and with Siladog locally.


A cure in the fall and a cure in the spring can be administered in the same dosages.

Results may vary from animal to animal.


The integrity of articular cartilage (hip - spine ...) is fundamental to confort life and longevity in good dogs shape.

The deterioration of the musculoskeletal system and cartilage of osteoarthritis is a major factor in older dogs or obese, Silicon levels drop dramatically with age.

Some breeds are particularly exposed: working dog, rescue, racing to the CANISIL® chasse. The original composition makes it a particularly suitable product at joint events and acute or chronic lameness (arthritis ...) or prevention.

Organic Silicon is an essential element of the repair of articular cartilage and bone structures of all, tendon and joint osteo. It is he who gives the Canisil efficiency compared to conventional products containing chondroitin and glucosamine.

Probiotic flora increases dramatically the assimilation of dietary supplement and is an important vitamin B group, supports all metabolic processes, and allows the return to the balance of flora often very disturbed by current methods feed, chemical treatments etc ...

Harpagophytum increases dramatically the assimilation of dietary supplement and is an important vitamin B group, supports all metabolic processes, and allows the return to the balance of flora often very disturbed by current methods feed, chemical treatments etc ...

Perna Canaliculus is very rich in essential omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidant power as well as glycosaminoglycans, cartilage components.


May be administered in the same dosages cure in fall and spring.


Nutritional Supplement


Keep Dry and cool, protected from light


Box of 60 tablets - Box of 200 tablets - Box 1000 Tablets

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Based on 112 reviews

  • 5

    Aucun problème

  • 5

    Très efficace pour mon springer de 14 ans 9 mois!

  • 4

    Parfait j’en donne depuis plusieurs mois à mon chien et je vois une nette amélioration dans sa mobilité

  • 4

    Pas vraiment d'amélioration, mais pas pire pour l'instant.

  • 5

    Un vrai progrespour ma chienne agée

  • 5


  • 5

    Très bon produit

  • 5

    J'attends un peu pour voir l'efficacité, mais mon chien boîte moins

  • 5

    Déjà donné mon avis sur ce produit qui semble très efficace. Ma chienne de 12 ans (chienne labrit) est en pleine forme.

  • 5

    Mon chat va un peu mieux il est beaucoup plus leste

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