Hippo Haarlem - Horse Skin, Hair, Digestion

Natural food supplement for horse allergies

Skin allergies (summer dermatitis), skin and hair problems, stimulates the growth of the horn. Digestive problems of food origin of the horse.

Depurative, desensitizing, contains bioavailable Sulfur and Magnesium, organic silicon and probiotic flora. Appetizing powder, scented with vanilla very popular with horses, does not contain doping substances.

Dosage : 1 to 2 tablespoons per day

Duration of treatment : 3 to 6 weeks

Box of 500g : € 48.00

Made in France
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Natural food supplement, detoxifying, desensitizing, allergic dermatoses, hair and horn problems.

• USE :

Detoxicant, natural drainer, general desensitizer, adjuvant in particular in chronic and allergic dermatoses such as summer dermatitis, as an adjuvant treatment, or as a prevention for the horse, mare and pony.

Digestive or hepatic problems, food overloads.

Hair loss, brittle horn, deformed hooves.

Can be associated with Labo Demeter's Silahorse locally.


  • Magnesium Sulfate (" Haarlem Oil ")
  • Organic Silicon
  • Association of 7 live bacteria RF 35
  • Beer yeast revivifiable RF 303
  • Palatable powder: vanilla flavor sweetener QS + 100g




Sulfur is an essential trace element. It is a component of many tissues (hair, hoof horn, skin) and in many enzymatic metabolic processes. He has great importance in the liver sulfation mechanisms that can neutralize toxins and organic wastes. It has thereby desensitizing a role, thereby improving many allergic phenomena.

Magnesium is also a trace element essential in many metabolic processes. He acts in the immune process and fight allergic reactions.

Organic Silicon intervenes in the synthesis of skin collagen, and regulates the immune phenomena intervening in many enzymatic processes.

Probiotic Flora, finally, allows the recovery and harmony of the intestinal symbiotic flora, thus neutralizing the production of toxins and improving the assimilation of essential nutrients.


• USE :

Detoxifier, natural draining, desensitizing general adjuvant especially in chronic and allergic dermatoses such as dermatitis summer, adjuvant treatment, or prevention.
Digestive or liver problems, food overload.
Fall of hair, brittle horn, deformed hooves.



Orally, in the ration 1 to 2 tablespoons per day depending on the size and severity of lesions, cures for 3 to 6 weeks.



Natural nutritional Supplement.



Box 500 g palatable powder. Keep dry and cool.

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    génial contre la dermite

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