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organic silicon

An element whose biological relevance has been studied for several centuries

Our ambition, at Labo Demeter, is to reconcile living things with the nature that surrounds them. To do this, our team uses various natural resources to treat diseases that can affect our animals. Passionate about herbal medicine, our ambition is to find and experiment with innovative ways to treat our dogs, cats and horses. Our work is based on scientific studies which testify to the strengths of certain natural elements. This is the case, for example, with organic silicon. Numerous analyzes have demonstrated, since the Middle Ages, the importance of this element in the biological world. Its benefits have been shown especially in conditions associated with aging such as osteoarthritis. Nowadays, with modern feeding methods, pets receive less and less of this element in their organism.

An essential ingredient of our phytotherapeutic products

As a company evolving in the field of phytotherapy, Labo Demeter gives you the possibility of taking advantage of organic silicon in order to relieve certain ailments of your pet. Indeed, we have developed various veterinary products whose composition includes this element. Through the development of innovative phytotherapic products such as Canisil, Vetosil or Siladog, our goal is to help all those who are passionate about this type of natural treatment to effectively care for their pet. It is with this in mind that we have set up an online store where you will be able to order the organic silicon-based product that could relieve the ailments of your dog, cat or horse. We guarantee fast and free delivery for purchases over 100 euros.

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