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harpagophytum dog

A plant with interesting medicinal benefits

At Labo Demeter, we are developing and experimenting with several natural solutions intended for the treatment of diseases in our animals. Indeed, we specialize in herbal medicine, or the use of plants and resources that nature makes available to us for veterinary purposes. Among the advantageous elements that we draw from our natural environment and that we use in our preparations, there is Harpagophytum. Part of the Pedaliaceae family, this plant has medicinal benefits that we use today for your pet. You can turn to our online store to get one of our preparations including this plant in order to treat your dog. We offer several advantages including fast and free shipping for a purchase exceeding 100 euros.

A natural remedy to relieve our friends of the canine breed

The benefits of this plant have been studied for several years by pharmacology professionals. And for good reason, it has, for a very long time, shown that it could be of great interest in the treatment of joint disorders (arthritis, osteoarthritis). On our site, you can find medicinal products based on Harpagophytum for your dog. The analgesic and anti-rheumatic effects of this plant are of great interest to the veterinary world and we make sure to include it in many of our preparations. We combine it with several other natural ingredients in order to develop a solution without harmful side effects for your pet. We use Harpagophytum to treat your dog's joint problems associated with aging. Osteoarthritis, for example, wreaks havoc within the canine breed and affects 20% of these pets.

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