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organic silicon osteoarthritis

Several ways to relieve joint pain in our pets

Osteoarthritis is a disease that affects some mammals. The human being as well as many of the animals that he domesticated during his history can be affected by this degeneration of the articular cartilages. This can be caused by the effect of aging. In our animal friends, in whom this disease is frequent, it can happen at any age. This health problem manifests itself in them as joint pain which can eventually lead to an inability to perform physical exercises, or even paralysis. There are several ways to give your pet relief if they have this joint degeneration. In particular, you will find natural solutions prepared to help your dogs, cats, horses and other animals to protect themselves from such a disease. At Labo Demeter, we use organic silicon for this purpose.

A natural product to repair joint cartilage

Organic silicon for osteoarthritis is a remedy known to many communities around the world. Several studies even attest to its usefulness against this type of annoyance. It is for this reason that we have decided to use it in various preparations thought to be alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs intended for the treatment of joint diseases. This element is found in the body of many mammals and helps in the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans. This process is essential in repairing cartilage. Feeding your animals our organic silicon-based products against osteoarthritis helps them to overcome a deficiency of this one in their organism which can appear with aging. In order to put these preparations at the service of your animals, we offer an online store where you can order the product you need.

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Natural preparation for competitions, old horse, recovery, growth retardation, stimulation of breeding animals, Cushing's syndrome, natural anabolic. The benefits of organic silicon, probiotic flora in synergy with...
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Natural food supplement for joint problems and anti-inflammatory for horses Natural product, effective for the maintenance, the shaping, the restoration of the locomotor functions, the treatment of osteoarthritis of...
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For Dogs and Cats Gel ointment for painful joints, more effective on mastitis as an adjuvant treatment, its formula combines organic silicon with marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera and seaweed extracts in a...
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