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anti inflammatory cat

A cure for joint ailments without side effects

At Labo Demeter, we help you take care of your feline by providing you with multiple veterinary products designed to relieve many of his ailments. Sometimes in the life of one of these mammals, it is affected by physical pain, such as inflammation of the joints that can appear at any age and for a variety of reasons. Aging, for example, can be the cause of such nuisances. There are several types of remedies for this health problem. However, many people are moving further and further away from traditional medicinal practices as these involve addiction to chemicals. These can cause more or less annoying troubles for our furry friends. It is with this in mind that we create for them all-natural products based on plants, minerals and probiotics, like our anti-inflammatory for cats.

Tablets made from various natural elements

Choosing an anti-inflammatory for your cat is as easy as logging into our online store to order, pay for your purchase, and have it delivered to your address. Our product is presented as a food supplement in the form of palatable tablets. You need to pay attention to the dosage and administer an appropriate amount of this anti-inflammatory to the cat! On our site, you will have the choice of the number of Canisil tablets that you will need. Concocted from Harpagophytum, Perna Canaliculus, organic silicon and probiotic flora, this naturopathic preparation will effectively relieve joint pain while protecting it from any undesirable side effects. Thanks to Canisil, you will be able to ensure the well-being of your pet!

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