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Improve the assimilation of nutrients in your body

To take care of your cat is first of all to take care of its health. Today, Labo Demeter, based in Spain, provides you with a multitude of products made up of elements drawn from our natural environment. These preparations that we offer you are made up of various ingredients from several plants and minerals. Each of these components has a specific effect on the health of your pet. Whether it is for digestion, joints, coat, dermis, stress, rejuvenation, the digestive system or even the immune system, we have without a doubt the natural product that will help you ensure the well-being of your feline. In order to improve the assimilation of the active principles of these various ingredients by his body, we have added a probiotic flora which is adapted to him.

What contributions for your pet?

Indeed, the probiotic flora for cats consists of bacteria and yeasts added to our preparations to improve lactose assimilation and to act on intestinal transit. However, these biological elements also present multiple nutritional effects with different contributions from each other. This last point, with regard to the probiotic flora for cats, is of particular interest to us. By adding these organic elements to our natural products, we ensure that the nutritional contributions of the ingredients we use are properly assimilated by the body. Thus, the bacteria and yeasts used which are found in our phytotherapic compositions ensure the absorption of minerals as well as the protein, lipid and carbohydrate metabolisms. In order to provide your animal with the benefit of our various products, we invite you to visit our online store where you can order the remedy it needs.

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