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dog painkiller

A drug that will not cause unwanted reactions in him

Your dog may be prone to physical pain over the course of his life. These annoyances can be caused by various factors. He may, for example, experience stabbing tendons. Tendinitis can be caused in different ways. Regardless of the origin of this nuisance, if it is not treated properly and when the first symptoms appear, it can get worse. This is why, at Labo Demeter, we offer you a painkiller prepared with various elements taken from nature. More and more people are turning to this type of herbal remedy to treat their animal without side effects. Pharmaceuticals are effective when it comes to eliminating the ailments involved. Due to the consistent use of chemical elements, however, they cause unpleasant reactions to the stomach and liver of these animals.

A blend of plants, minerals and probiotics

To treat your pet's tendonitis without harmful effects on their well-being, you can turn to our natural solution. The painkiller for dogs that we make available to you contains Harpagophytum. This plant has long been known for its analgesic and anti-rheumatic effects. Added to the other ingredients, this plant will undoubtedly relieve the stitches that your animal feels. Organic silicon will help repair the tendon structure. The Perna Canaliculus also plays a big role, because it will provide your animal's body with essential fatty acids and glycosaminoglycans. The assimilation of these various elements, so that your animal can enjoy their benefits, is ensured thanks to the probiotic flora that we add to the preparation. Find out more about this painkiller for dogs on our site.

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