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Feed supplement for horses

Nutrients to naturally care for your animals

When you raise equines, you will have to take care of your animals when they are affected by the various ailments that can affect their physical health. During his life, a horse can experience problems with his hair, his skin, his joints or even his digestive system, among others. Fortunately, when it comes to remedies, breeders have always been able to access solutions of all kinds for the treatment of many ailments in their animals. If they have, for a long time, relied on pharmaceutical substances, nowadays, many are those who turn to natural products for horses to limit or even eliminate side effects and other unwanted reactions. Thus, today you will be able to find on the online store of the Demeter lab, food supplements for horses capable of treating one of the various nuisances that upset their lives.

Effective preparations composed of several natural elements

Labo Demeter offers, on its website accessible in several languages, several types of food supplement specifically designed to treat your horses using products prepared from plants, minerals or even microbes useful to the intestinal flora of these horses. mammals. You will find, for example, a vermifuge concocted from elements known for their ability to rid the body of parasites and prevent their appearance. You can also find, with us, a remedy against dermatosis and affections of the horn or a phytotherapeutic solution against osteoarthritis, made up of different ingredients, such as organic silicon. Whichever feed supplement for horses you choose, you are sure to find natural elements suitable for your animals. We select them carefully and experiment with them in order to continue to create ever more effective natural products.

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Natural preparation for competitions, old horse, recovery, growth retardation, stimulation of breeding animals, Cushing's syndrome, natural anabolic. The benefits of organic silicon, probiotic flora in synergy with...
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Natural food supplement for renal failure in horses Acute or chronic renal failure, edemas, food or drug poisoning, prevention in competition horses subjected to high calorie diets. Phytotherapic food supplement...
(12 reviews)
Natural care for joints, tendons, skin problems and wounds in the horse Natural gel ointment for joints and tendons, effective among other things on evolving suros, its formula combines organic silicon with marine...
(7 reviews)
Natural food supplement for equine cough "Gel syrup" against horse cough, easy to administer thanks to its palatability, its original formula allows it to treat acute or chronic coughs, emphysema by the association of...
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