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The digestive disorders of the cat are regular and its intestinal flora must be reinforced (shiny hairs, supple salts and better digestion of the cat). Thus, the Labo Demeter, specialist in natural/organic veterinary products, offers Labodem Piel which is a complete probiotic for cats so that they can maintain an intestinal flora without any problems naturally.

For ever more effective curative products

Labo Demeter specializes in herbal medicine to help you treat your animals in the healthiest way. More and more people want to turn to natural solutions to treat the ailments of their pets. Many of us recognize that the chemicals available in pharmacies can have harmful effects that reduce the well-being and even the lifespan of our furry friends. It is for this reason that our company is committed to innovating in this area through the use of different elements drawn from nature and the experimentation of these compositions. Our goal is to continue to provide you with preparations with ever more effective healing effects. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the various ingredients derived from plants and minerals that we use, we also add the probiotic flora for cats.

Find with us the food that will restore your animal's intestinal flora

We take care to select the most suitable probiotic flora for the cat, because each of these biological elements, which come in the form of bacteria and yeasts, have different effects on the metabolism of animals. We use, for example, for Labodem Piel, a natural detoxifier and desensitizer, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or revivable brewer's yeast. The contributions of a probiotic product for cats are diverse and numerous. We recommend this type of preparations mainly for their ability to bring a real symbiosis to the intestinal flora of your domestic feline. This has a considerable impact on the assimilation of nutrients and the neutralization of toxins. Combined with the other ingredients that make up the product in question, these bacteria and yeasts ensure its effectiveness. We also use cat probiotics in our Canisil and Canivida products. Discover the different preparations that we make available to you on our site for cats and benefit from our various advantages.

probiotiques bio et naturelles pour chat, digestion et beauté du poil
probiotiques pour chat

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