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horse probiotics

Microbes useful for the health of your animals

When it comes to mammals, whether humans or animals, there are several types of microbes that affect their condition in general. These small living beings can be dangerous or on the contrary very useful to their health. At Labo Demeter, we are a team of herbal medicine enthusiasts wishing to use their knowledge of various natural elements and their veterinary skills to develop curative natural products for animals. We make use of various plants and several minerals known for their benefits on the organism of mammals. To ensure the good health of the latter and the effectiveness of our products, we use certain types of probiotics which are adapted to them.

Natural solutions for the intestinal flora of your horses

At Labo Demeter, you can, for example, get a probiotic food supplement for horses. Indeed, in order to improve the intestinal flora of your horse, we add bacteria and yeasts to some of our preparations. These make it possible in particular to eliminate certain harmful substances in the body of the animals and to improve the processes of assimilation of the nutritional elements. As an innovative company in the field of naturopathy, we only use elements that nature gives us. In order to ensure that essential nutrients are properly digested and that the desired effects of the product are felt, it is important to ensure that the digestive system of the animal is functioning properly. This is the whole role of the probiotic flora for horses. This will improve your pet's metabolism on several levels. By turning to us, you can find the plant-based and mineral-based probiotic solution your horse needs.

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Natural food supplement for horse allergies Skin allergies (summer dermatitis), skin and hair problems, stimulates the growth of the horn. Digestive problems of food origin of the horse. Depurative, desensitizing,...
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Natural food supplement for joint problems and anti-inflammatory for horses Natural product, effective for the maintenance, the shaping, the restoration of the locomotor functions, the treatment of osteoarthritis of...
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