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Avoid subjecting your animals to dangerous side effects

Labo Demeter is a company, based in Spain, which benefits from an influence in several European countries thanks to its online store accessible in French, English, Spanish, German and Italian. We specialize in alternative medicine and the substances we prepare are intended for the treatment of ailments that may affect your pets. Indeed, our structure prepares and experiments with several compositions created from different elements that nature offers us. We turn to plants, minerals or strains in order to create alternative treatments to chemicals available in pharmacies. We send our preparations to followers of herbal medicine or homeopathy. More and more people are turning to these alternative practices to avoid subjecting their animals to unwanted reactions and harmful side effects.

Find with us a veterinary product for the ailments of your animal

Choosing and procuring a veterinary product for horses has become easier with Labo Demeter, which has set up a multilingual site in order to satisfy its international customers. You will find a whole section of our online store devoted to these equines. You will have access with us to remedies designed for the dermis, coat, joints and intestinal flora of the animal. You will also be able to find a veterinary product for horses intended to help him regain his strength before a competition or during convalescence and to cope with old age. Strengthen their immune system or help them relax with our various herbal solutions. Log on to our site and order the veterinary product you need to care for your horses today.

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Natural preparation for competitions, old horse, recovery, growth retardation, stimulation of breeding animals, Cushing's syndrome, natural anabolic. The benefits of organic silicon, probiotic flora in synergy with...
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Natural food supplement for renal failure in horses Acute or chronic renal failure, edemas, food or drug poisoning, prevention in competition horses subjected to high calorie diets. Phytotherapic food supplement...
(10 reviews)
Natural food supplement for joint problems and anti-inflammatory for horses Natural product, effective for the maintenance, the shaping, the restoration of the locomotor functions, the treatment of osteoarthritis of...
(7 reviews)
Natural food supplement for equine cough "Gel syrup" against horse cough, easy to administer thanks to its palatability, its original formula allows it to treat acute or chronic coughs, emphysema by the association of...
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