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An allergy in cats that is taken care of in time will be easy to treat. Rather than giving your pet drugs from the pharmaceutical industry that contain chemicals, you can opt for the natural products offered by Labo Demeter which will be just as effective.

natural medicine to treat cat allergy
LABODEM PIEL for cat's allergy

Medicines based on natural products: also effective on animals

Many animals that live in the wild self-medicate. Their instinct tells them which plants and foods to take according to their ailments. Thus, while some species of monkeys eliminate intestinal parasites and treat their digestive disorders with tree bark that they easily recognize, dogs and cats purge themselves with certain herbs, some caterpillars get rid of wasp larvae by ingesting alkaloids of some plants, etc.

In addition, advances in pharmacological research for care based on natural products have made it possible to create effective drugs without major risks for humans and animals. Treating your cat's allergy with natural remedies is therefore now possible. However, the use of the advice and expertise of a veterinarian or a qualified therapist is always recommended in order to avoid worsening the problems and in order not to put your pet's life in danger.

Recognize and understand the different types of cat allergy

In domestic cats, it is sometimes difficult to detect the symptoms of an allergy. Skin reactions are usually the visible clues of a condition. The animal is itchy and small pimples gradually appear all over the body. To relieve himself, your four-legged friend will tend to lick himself more often, to scratch himself or even to bite himself, which will also lead to wounds that must be treated quickly. To activate care, a veterinarian's diagnosis is essential in order to identify the origin and cause of the reaction.

Indeed, it should be remembered that like those of humans, cat's allergic reactions can be triggered by different reasons. Environmental allergens affecting animals are known (dust mites, pollens, etc.) and are usually the cause of atypical dermatitis, the most common skin allergies in cats. Many of these are also very sensitive to flea bites, causing DAPP (Flea Allergy Dermatitis). It is important to treat this allergy quickly in order to avoid spreading the effects (redness, pimples and hair loss). Finally, allergic reactions to a food are also possible and can be recognized by frequent diarrhea and vomiting.

Natural care for treating allergies in cats

By nature, an allergy is primarily an excessive immune response of the body to a harmful agent. In order to limit this reaction and to attenuate its effects, natural treatments are entirely indicated. In cats in particular, preparations based on probiotics and organic silicon allow their body to maintain a certain balance and thus stimulate their immunity and metabolism. In this area, Labo Demeter's products perfectly reconcile the “natural” philosophy with the requirements of veterinary circles.

natural product medicine to treat cat allergy
LABODEM PIEL for cat's allergy



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