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Treating a scratchy dog ​​can be done with a variety of products, but choose these carefully and always follow the advice of a veterinarian or trained therapist. The 100% natural medicines from Labo Demeter are effective remedies without side effects to relieve your pet.

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Natural remedies to cure a scratchy dog

You have surely noticed at one time or another a dog rolling around in the dust or on the ground. It is true that sometimes dogs behave this way to play, but they can also do it to scratch themselves on the back where their paws cannot access. In the wild, some animals take a mud bath to soothe and get rid of the itching caused by parasites stuck to their skin.

However, when the dog is scratching too much without any external cause, it is recommended that you take him to a veterinarian or a qualified therapist to find the source of the problem. The specialist can then recommend an appropriate treatment. In addition, you will not have to systematically give chemical drugs to your animal since natural remedies for animals derived from herbal medicine are also available today.

Why is my dog ​​scratching all the time?

There are many causes of itching in dogs. Before looking any further, first check to see if this is a reaction to fleas. Indeed, in this case, an antiparasitic treatment is sufficient.

So if the itching is not due to the parasites, your dog probably has an allergy. This disease affects 15% of the dog population. Allergens can reach your canine companion through inhalation, contact or even ingestion. There are three main causes, namely food, environmental (pollen, house mites, etc.) and genetic (atopy resulting in hypersensitivity of the skin for certain breeds of dogs).

To identify the origin of your hairball allergies, your veterinarian may perform skin tests. But what can you do to help your scratchy dog?

What to do ?

Itching in dogs needs to be treated. They rarely go away on their own, and they can even cause more serious concerns (hair loss, infection, etc.) if left unchecked.

Labo Demeter designs herbal medicine products to help your dog who is scratching. Nature spoils us with its plants which bring real benefits to our animals. To treat your pet's skin problems, we offer effective natural remedies without side effects. Labodem Piel is a nutritional supplement in the form of tablets for your dog to swallow. It relieves itching, treats allergic dermatoses and eczemas. If your dog is scratching, this is one of the products our veterinarian can recommend. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help or advice. We are at your disposal to help you find the best solutions to care for your four-legged friend.

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