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Dog dermatosis is a more or less common skin condition in these animals. However, it can be prevented and cured with 100% natural products. You will find reliable remedies without side effects to treat this disease at Labo Demeter.

dog dermatosis natural medicine
Labodem Piel for dog dermatosis

Dog dermatosis: not to be taken lightly

Dog dermatosis is a disease which, sometimes benign in appearance, can sometimes turn into a nightmare for the animal and for its owner. For dogs, the resulting itching is particularly unpleasant, and untimely scratching can cause hair to fall out, make the skin raw and cause very painful sores. Untreated, bleeding and oozing wounds can become hotbeds of infection because of the bacteria and microbes that will take up residence there.

It is therefore more than recommended that you do not wait for the symptoms to worsen and his condition to degenerate before taking your pet to see a healthcare professional. The latter will be able to identify the causes of the disease, there are several of them, and offer an adequate treatment. Unless there are complications, food supplements and ointments based on natural products can be recommended.

Dermatosis in dogs and diet

Dermatoses in dogs are often the result of food intolerance or nutritional deficiencies. In fact, a dog's skin, for its constant renewal, mobilizes a large part of the macro and micronutrients that it ingests. However, the skin plays an essential role in immune protection. As a result, if the diet is unbalanced or has deficiencies, the dog will be more susceptible to infections and skin diseases may appear.

In the case of skin diseases resulting from deficiencies, it may be an insufficient intake of vitamins, trace elements, essential fatty acids, proteins and / or amino acids.

In the case of allergic skin diseases, it can come from chocolate, pork, beef, dry sausage, cheese, fresh shellfish, tuna, tomato, spinach, egg or strawberries. This allergy is most often due to a breakdown in immune tolerance and therefore to an unbalanced diet.

Food supplement and dog dermatosis

A good nutritional balance is therefore essential for the health of your dog, especially if he has a predisposition to dermatosis. However, providing the missing elements is not enough, he still has to assimilate them perfectly. This is where probiotics come in. Microorganisms contributing to the maintenance of the intestinal flora, probiotics play an essential role in digestion, transit and metabolism.

This is why, at Labo Demeter, we have associated them with sulfur (component of many tissues), magnesium (which is involved in the immune process) and artichoke (detoxifying and desensitizing) to naturally and effectively treat dermatosis in the dog.

Developed by a veterinarian and a pharmacist, all our natural preparations are guaranteed without side effects.

natural medicine for dog skin disease
Natural product for dog dermatosis



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