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Guarantee the well-being of your animals through different stages

Many of us are passionate about horses. Whether you are thinking of starting to breed several of these equines or have just one, the same best practices apply to keeping your pets happy. Among the different steps that you must adopt to do this, there is, of course, the fact of ensuring the good health of these animals. In this sense, you can turn to the different horse care that guarantees its well-being. This may involve keeping the environment in which the animal evolves in a healthy state, preserving its hygiene through regular cleaning and maintenance of different parts of its body and the equipment that accompanies it, taking care of its minor small wounds or to eliminate anything that may interfere with it.

Properly administer our products to your horses

The care of the horse is multiple and ensuring that these good practices are respected is a job to be done on a daily basis or, at least, regularly. For example, the various natural solutions that Labo Demeter offers are, for the most part, as food supplements that you must administer to your equine periodically. Treatment against worms, which is one of the most important care in the life of a mammal such as the horse, consists, for example, of regularly giving it an anthelmintic product. How often you will give our dewormer to your pet depends on their age. The smallest being more vulnerable to parasites, they must be dewormed more regularly than their elders. Find with us several of these natural products designed to help you take care of your equines on a daily basis.

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Natural food supplement for joint problems and anti-inflammatory for horses Natural product, effective for the maintenance, the shaping, the restoration of the locomotor functions, the treatment of osteoarthritis of...
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Natural food supplement for horse allergies Skin allergies (summer dermatitis), skin and hair problems, stimulates the growth of the horn. Digestive problems of food origin of the horse. Depurative, desensitizing,...
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Natural food supplement for equine cough "Gel syrup" against horse cough, easy to administer thanks to its palatability, its original formula allows it to treat acute or chronic coughs, emphysema by the association of...
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