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A plant recognized for the relief of joint pain

As part of the relief of joint pain in cats, Harpagophytum is known to be analgesic and anti-rheumatic. This powerful natural medicinal plant is often the star ingredient in Labo Demeter's veterinary preparations.

He is also often talked about in the field of naturopathy. And for good reason, this plant is one of the elements that can be easily found in nature with curative benefits that are very useful for us mammals. At Labo Demeter, we are recognized in Europe as a major player in herbal medicine and today we are putting this plant to work for your cat's health. During his life, the latter may encounter joint problems that put a brake on his activities, change his behavior and affect his well-being. Osteoarthritis, a disorder affecting precisely this part of their anatomy can appear at any age and cause them chronic pain. If a solution is not found to relieve him of this condition, it could get worse with age. It is with this in mind that we offer you our natural remedy composed in particular of this plant.

A plant used as an anti-rheumatic drug with analgesic properties

Why do we at Labo Demeter turn to Harpagophytum to treat your cat with osteoarthritis? The analgesic capacities of this plant, also considered as an excellent antirheumatic drug, make it a very popular element in the herbal medicine sector dedicated to joint ailments. By combining this natural element with other ingredients to compose our anti-inflammatory, we make sure to develop an effective and innovative product to treat the pain of your pet. By administering our Harpagophytum-based preparation to your cat, you ensure the latter's well-being, especially in the face of aging. It is especially during this time that joint problems appear most often. To order our product, all you need to do is connect to our online store where you can benefit from free delivery (subject to conditions).

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