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Natural phytotherapy solutions for dogs and cats

Natural phytotherapy solutions for dogs and cats

Natural phytotherapy solutions for dogs and cats

Herbal medicine for cats and dogs: Labo Demeter takes stock point

Taking care of your dog or cat requires a better understanding of their needs. To keep your pet happy and healthy, natural solutions exist to complement drug treatment. Herbal medicine can be used for both humans and animals. The cat, for example, naturally uses the herbal treatment by purging itself while eating weed. Thus, herbal medicine has for principle to offer a natural treatment only based on plants. Herbal treatment can be used for prevention, for long and short treatment to relieve some treatments with side effects. To choose the best herbal medicine solution for dogs or cats, we recommend that you follow different steps. 

What are the different points to know before a herbal medicine treatment?

Seek advice from your veterinarian

The first step, and not the least, before giving herbal medicine products for dogs and cats, is to consult your veterinarian. It is necessary to ensure that this type of natural solution combines with the current drug treatment. But also that the plants are well suited to your pet's problem. We also advise all our clients to consult a veterinarian specializing in natural supplements if they wish for even more personalized support. 

Order herbal medicine products for dogs and cats without side effects 

Pets, especially cats and dogs, face many ailments if their immune systems are weakened. It is therefore necessary to help animals to improve their general condition or for specific ailments. Labo Demeter offers a selection of choices, our treatments made up of natural elements, without chemicals, for your pet! Natural treatments are the ideal solution to say goodbye to side effects that further weaken your pet. Animal herbal medicine does not replace a visit to a veterinarian for health concerns, but they can alleviate some pain. All our products are manufactured in our laboratory in order to offer you a healthy and natural composition based on plant extracts, to avoid any undesirable effects. To help your cat and dog feel better, our food supplements have a high level of palatability and work with many foods. 

Phytotherapy : a veterinary solution adapted to your animal

The natural solutions of Labo Demeter are carefully formulated and dedicated to the well-being of pets. Cats and dogs are prone to certain health problems related to digestion, as well as stress and anxiety, as well as various age-related disorders. Hair and joints are among the common annoyances that are encountered in older animals. Our specialists have developed natural solutions to relieve your pet's health problems, for any age or breed. For example, the natural solutions for dogs offered by Labo Demeter are mainly presented as a food supplement for dogs. You just need to give it to your pet on a regular basis. Treatment for the worm is done for dogs and cats every 3 months. For example, kittens will have to be treated more often, their treatment must be adapted and specific for their ages. With age, pets are prone to joint problems, both dog and cat. The pain can become very disabling for them on a daily basis. Washing, eating, moving around becomes particularly difficult. Herbal medicine for dogs and herbal medicine for cats help to improve pain in the joints. You can write to our professionals for adapted veterinary advice on phytotherapy care according to the breed and physical constitution of your pet.

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